Combating Sexual Harassment at Workplaces

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act was passed by the Parliament in 2013. Since the passage of the Act, compliance with its provisions has become mandatory for all workplaces.

As a socially conscious organization which supports gender diversity and women empowerment, we have helped several organizations in complying with the various obligations and guidelines under this Act. Our panel of lawyers, and social activists working in the field of gender issues who are associated with us, have taken up the challenge of helping the maximum number of organizations in becoming compliant, and thus create a safer and more engaging work environment for their women employees.

As the Act imposes certain obligations on employers, some of which can be onerous and difficult to understand and implement for the internal functions of the organization unfamiliar with this legislation, we offer customized solutions to enable organizations achieve compliance with this legal mandate.

Services we offer:

  • Organizing orientation workshops and awareness programs for the employees.
  • Organize specialized training programs for those who have been designated as the ICC members of the organization. This intensive course includes various compliance methodologies and imparting investigations conducting skills to the ICC members.
  • Draft anti-sexual harassment policy of the organization, which shall be conspicuously displayed on the organization’s website and at prominent places at the workplace. Also, relevant clauses to this effect shall be incorporated in the Appointment Letters of all new employees.
  • Be the External Member in the ICC.
  • In case ICC is convened post a sexual harassment complaint, we shall conduct and manage the entire proceedings in a professional manner, and submit the final report to the Employer and the District Officer.
  • Prepare and submit an Annual Compliance Report to the District Officer.

It is mandatory for all organizations with more than 10 employees to comply with this Act. Implementation of the guidelines under this Act shall inculcate a sense of confidence and well-being in the women employees, which will go a long way in helping them to reach their full potential, and contribute their best to the organization. All socially responsible organizations need to cultivate a committed workplace where the dignity of their women employees is of paramount importance and where there is ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment or persecution of women in any manner whatsoever. This will also enable the compliant organizations to fulfill their gender diversity/equal opportunity obligations, and fulfill their commitment towards women and society.

If your organization is searching for legal guidance to comply with this Act, please reach out to us at for further details.